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julian casablancas, you rock my world.

monday's strokes concert was great. still awesome performers.
am so excited about sasquatch. the line-up is:
: Thievery Corporation
: The Roots
: The Postal Service
: The Shins
: Built To Spill
: Sleater-Kinney
: The New Pornographers
: Cat Power
: The Long Winters
: The Black Keys
: Gary Jules
: The Decemberists
: Donavon Frankenreiter
: Alexi Murdoch
: Preston School of Industry
: Nellie McKay
: Fruit Bats
and even better I'll be camping in the fields with my brothers and several other drunken strangers, which reads = fun. maybe even more than last year's mardi gras beads and golf cart riding.
I'm sad The Music isn't playing it this year, because they're one of my favoritest and most brilliantest of bands. but I'm sure I'll be drooling all over myself listening to Gary Jules and Ben Gibbard.

any time ben and elliott are mentioned together I almost pee my pants with excitement:
supposedly the song "nothing better" is about the boyfriend from elliott smith's song, "say yes".
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