michelle (perfectdayze) wrote,

I was watching mona lisa smile and thinking of wellesley. I really loved the campus, and all the students, especially our guide, seemed ecstatic about the classes. I can't even imagine going to an all girls school. everyone I mention it to cracks up laughing. "you don't even like girls!"
so it's a little true. but everything else about wellesley screams "you'll love it here". and maybe I wouldn't spend an hour and a half on myself in the mornings, that could be fun. it's like the fortune cookie I got once that said "you tend to care too much about your appearance" which was a really rude fortune cookie. fortune cookies are supposed to say "you're ridiculously goodlooking and one day you'll have a high profile magazine editing job where you'll sit there doing absolutely nothing but get free clothes and lots of money." so that fortune cookie is telling me, "go to nyu". which offers way better internships and opportunities near campus, which could really jumpstart my career.
the best part is I can think about this without actually having to get dressed all day on a sunday allthough I did do my makeup and hair.. you don't know who'll drop by. I guess I think answering the door naked with perfect hair and makeup is a lot better than answering it fully dressed and ugly.
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